cover_amazon_small“Architecture and Psychoanalysis – Fantasy and Construction” as e-book.

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Architectural practice does not take place in a void. It is inscribed into a historical continuum, it is integrated into a social, cultural and intellectual milieu, it takes form in a code of construction. And it derives its inspiration, first and foremost, from the psyche of the architect who creatively works out a solution.

The core of architectural creation is imagination and the passion of the architecturing subject. Tackling this aspect, Nikos Sideris develops a cohesive view: Architecture is the fantasy of the architect formulated in the language of construction.

After an enlightening presentation of the concept of fantasy, the logic of architectural creation and the work of eminent architects are thoroughly examined with the help of these conceptual tools. The result is a broad account of architectural practice centered at, and orbiting around, the encounter with the Other.

A work of knowledge and affection, this book constitutes a radically original proposition in the international process of encounter between two major aspects of the human spirit, as well as a singular contribution to the transition from an architecture of need to an architecture of desire.