NS_portrait Nikos Sideris was born in Athens (1952) and studied Medicine at the University of Athens. He then settled in Paris for his postgraduate studies (specializing in Psychiatry, History and Neuropsychology-Neurolinguistics). He is a PhD of Panteion University Psychology Department and teaching psychoanalyst, member of the Strasbourg School of Psychoanalysis (E.P.S.) and the European Psychoanalysis Federation (FEDEPSY). He works as a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and family therapist in Athens.

He has published, in Greek language: In Kastaniotis Editions, the poetic collections Go (1983), Circumnavigation or Overturn of Names (1990) and Tender Oarsman (2000), his study Inner Bilingualism (1995), his essay And yet they are talking –Adolescent discourse (1999, new edition 2011), as well as the novels Love Song (1998) and The Ballad of Dust (2003). In Futura editions, the essay Architecture and Psychoanalysis – Fantasy and Construction (2006), also available in English as e-book at the Amazon.com Kindle store. In Opportuna editions, the essay Freud crypto-red? (2009). And in Metaixmio Editions, the study Eroticism in Art – Pictorial Fantasies (2010), the poetic collection The Art of the Grain (2011), the novel A Song for Orpheus (2011), and the essays As they have been told and heard –Secrets and truths from the psychoanalyst’s couch (2008), Children do not need psychologists. They need parents! (2009), a national best-seller, You are not the only one playing. There are also others! (2010), Talking with the child about the crisis (2013), The Devil’s Gospel – Political Psychology of the Greek Crisis (2014), Bullying: And yet this war can be won! (2016).

His public dialogue with architecture was inaugurated with his essay “The psyche of the city” (Topiki Autodioikisi, 81-82, Summer 1992). He organized two discussions with architects at the Center of Literature and Art run by Kastaniotis Editions “104”: “Architecture and City” (January 13, 1998) and “The Futures of Architecture” (January 20, 1998). These were followed by his lecture “Space as an active agent” at the Center of Mediterranean Architecture (Chania, March 26, 1998). He gave a speech titled “The Mediterranean Imaginary” at the Round Table (November 10, 2004) “Mediterranean / architecture + technologies of information” (4th Biennale of Young Architects).

In 2003 he presented the subject “Architecture and Psychoanalysis” at the Postgraduate Program of the School of Architecture at National Technical University of Athens. He taught there the “Architecture and Psychoanalysis” course at the Postgraduate Program (2005-2016). He also taught as Assistant Professor “Pictorial Creation and the Fantasy of the Artist” at the Postgraduate Program of the Athens’ School of Fine Arts.

Currently he is teaching “Self-knowledge of the teacher” at the Postgraduate Program of the Faculty of Primary Education, National Kapodistrian University of Athens.